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Logo & Graphic Design

The BROKEN EGG CAFE is looking for graphics with attitude!
Logos Talk!
Logo Example - I'm a Startup I'm a Startup
Logo Example - I'm relaxed I'm FLEXIBLE
Logo Example - I'm in CONTROL! I think outside the box!
Logo Example - I LOVE what I do I LOVE what I do
Logo Example - We're a TEAM We're a TEAM
Logo Example - Oops! I'm a RISK TAKER!

What is your logo saying about your company?

Does it reinforce you as a trustworthy brand?

Does it have enough “sticking power” to be memorable?

Does it "fit" your company products and services?

A great logo is simple. It is memorable and versatile enough to be used on everything from t-shirts to letterhead. Whether you are printing it on your products or enlarging it for your fleet of delivery trucks, your logo is telling your customers about your business.

Your company logo needs the right “feeling”. For example, if you sell children’s clothing, you’ll need something different from the business selling auto parts. Although your logo does not need to show what your company actually does, it should reflect your company’s culture and values through effective use of fonts and imagery.

The right logo can be powerful marketing tool for your business.

Talk with us about creating a logo that speaks for your company. Whether you are looking for a new logo or taking your current logo from "ordinary" to exceptional, we can help.

Power up your business marketing.

Tell your story.

Your business brochures and flyers "introduce" you - even BEFORE the customer reads what's inside. Are your graphics attracting customers or turning them away?

Good marketing materials are more than attractive images. They communicate your company message. Any material you send out in your company name should relay that message - consistently. If your marketing materials are inconsistent or outdated, they are not helping your business.

Let’s sit down and examine your printed materials together. We will help you evaluate what you have, nail down your target audience, and develop a plan for essential marketing materials that appeal to the customers you want. We can create the right graphics, help you with content and even get your materials printed and shipped right to your door..

Is your message being delivered?

Great marketing materials can increase your profits without breaking your budget.

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